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With unmanned aircraft systems, our FAA licensed surveyors can safely document large, remote, or dangerous areas with speed, accuracy, and the proper airspace clearances. We routinely fly DJI brand UAVs outfitted with a variety of cameras and sensors to match the task at hand, whether it be for inspection or mapping purposes.

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Sometimes the only way to collect usable, cost effective data for portions of a structure is to inspect it from the air. We are accustomed to inspecting rooftops, cell towers, transmission lines, and otherwise difficult to access portions of buildings with aerial photos and video matched to your specifications.


We frequently use our UAVs for mapping multi-acre properties or portions of buildings that you simply can’t get a line-of-sight to utilizing typical ground-based equipment. Whether you need a high resolution orthomosaic, 3D photogrammetry model, or point clouds generated from a UAS, you’re in good hands.

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